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Massage in the time of Covid

Is it safe to get a massage with COVID happening? The answer to that question is highly personal; It depends greatly on your health, age and personal risk tolerance. Stress is at all time high. One in three people state that the pandemic is having harmful impacts on their mental health.

At Sacred North, I am taking precautions to help ensure your safety, by creating a clean relaxing space. Your health matters to me. Here are the some protocols I have always adheared to. Before each client arrives the table is sanatized with Virex-tb. Clean sheets and clean blanket are used on the table, which have been washed and sanatized. Shared areas are also cleaned and sanatized. Air purifiers along with diffusing of essential oils are used to keep the space clear.

What has been added? UVC lighting treatment between each client. This cycles takes about 30 minutes to run. There is now a designated entrance and exit, allowing the entryway to be light sanatized before you come in. A UVC wand will be used for door handles and hard to reach places.

Upon entry, you will have your temperature taken with an upgraded no touch temporal thermometer. Hempz® hand sanatizer will be offered. Masks will be available and be prepared to answer a brief questionnaire.

Massage is well known for some benefits; relaxation, headache relief, soothing sore muscles. Massage is also know for increasing the strength of immune systems. Recent research from Cedars-Sinai finds that people who undergo even one session of massage experience significant changes in their immune and endocrine responses.

With so many health professionals saying that too much stress can weaken your immune system, it is more important than ever to start a self care routine. Massage is a great way to bring your body back to homeostasis. When you carry too much stress, it can also lead to muscle tension and even pain. Over time, that tension often snowballs into difficulty sleeping, fatigue or headaches. It’s easy to see how a massage could alleviate some of that tension, especially if you get one regularly.

“There is still so much unknown about the coronavirus, but having a healthy, functioning immune system will always be helpful in reducing the effects of the virus” said Vicky Karr, LMT, a CE provider and owner of Spa Success.

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Blogger’s note: A healthy immune system is important at any time. This article is not suggesting that massage therapy, or any other known health care practice, can prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other illness.

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