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Reiki and I

I remember my very first reiki session. My mom purchased and booked the session for me. Leah was mystical with brown eyes so rich and deep, they seemed to seep into my soul. She asked a few questions about what was going on and then explained the process. She had me lay on a bodywork table and she began. The heat from her hands and her guiding my breath sent me into a sleepy trance like state. When the session was over, I felt light and refreshed. We talked for a bit and she shared with me her insights from the session. It helped me feel focused.

Since then I have had so many experiences with Reiki. Some processed very differently than the first one. I have received my level one and level two certifications and I am on my to way becoming a Reiki Master. Reiki is one of my most favorite and mysterious modalities to practice. Every time I give Reiki, I get Reiki. Sometimes while I am giving the sessions I get feelings or sensations. A color for a chakra might pop in my head. The clients receiving treatment might also get feelings or sensations.

My 6th reiki session was given to me by my friend Loni. I remember in my savasana like state, I kept hearing footsteps and old time-y typewrite like noise. (The building used to be the where the old newspaper journalists would work) Loni saw a dolphin rise up and bear its teeth at her while she was performing my treatment! That experience was rather odd but left me feeling upbeat.

Reiki makes my hands hot. Its hard to explain. The symbols we use are a combination of Japanese and Sanskrit, knowing some of both languages and Japanese culture makes Reiki even closer to my heart. Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Both cultures emphasize the art of making everyday chores into little rituals, the art of making daily life special and meaningful. Reiki helps me get in tune with the simply profound miracles in life.

I received my first certification more than 4 years ago with my close friend. Being able to practice and learn with people I know and love was incredible. My level 2 was actually given to me, by someone who inspires me to be authentic and dance everyday. I feel like these learning experiences has honed my skills in a special way.

Mikao Usui (臼井甕男) founded the first Reiki clinic in 1922. Since the 1930s, Reiki has been used in the United States. Reiki is a simple, yet powerful Eastern Medicine energy technique. Reiki has its origins in Japan. Reiki has been found to lower blood pressure & respiration rate, promote deep relaxation, and aid in the healing of various ailments. Reiki is a subtle therapy most commonly facilitated by light touch on or slightly above the body. Reiki utilizes energy to encourage healing, relaxation, & reduce stress. Reiki can help with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions to help bring balance into a person’s life. Reiki works on a deep and profound level, healing at all levels, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Treat yourself to Reiki this season. All packages can be shared with others!

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